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Thread: Ad-aware 6.0 Pro Vs Pest Patrol

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    Big fan of Ad-aware 6.0 until today. I downloaded Pest Patrol (4/7/03) and it found 24 files mostly cydoor files that Ad-aware didnt. Aside from that tho,,,ad-aware always finds my weatherbug files as ad-ware which I know of but don't want to delete cause if I do the program won't work right. but Pest Patrol didnt. It seems Pest Patrol can distinguish the difference. As of know am keeping both until a find another big discrepancy again then I'll decide which one to keep.

    My vote Pest Patrol tho....

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    Use ad aware 6 and spybot search and destroy they compliment each other well
    Make sure you keep your definitions up to date...most important do not over look.


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