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Thread: Winamp 5.09

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    Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances called skins, plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. additional features including free-form skins, a new decoder, built-in cross fade, and an advanced Media Library.Winamp 2 + Winamp 3 = Winamp 5 !


    * By popular demand all "hTtP force to 'Now Playing'" support has been removed
    * Deletes in the Media Library now move files to the Recycle Bin
    * WMA Playback now works with WaveOut plugin
    * NSV Subtitles can be disabled on the fly


    * Authentication for OGG/Vorbis streams
    * Drag and Drop strange behavior in open file dialogs
    * Stuttering WMA On Start and Seek
    * NSV Video stall during buffering
    * Autosize of video to be accurate to the Video size not snap size
    * Short NSV Clips audio cutout


    * CD Ripping Library
    * Online Media tree is now dynamic (More free videos on the way!)
    * Sonic Install / Config flag mismatch.

    also posted by: Vargas
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    wheres the crossfade option. I could never find it.
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    you can remove the link for the "full" version, as there won't be one for v5.09

    Quote Originally Posted by twisterX
    wheres the crossfade option. I could never find it.
    if you mean the fade option, it is in preferances>plugins>output>direct sound output (ds_out.dll)

    also if you read the thread my original post linked to, that ike deleted, you'd know that this isn't an offical release yet, but more of a release candidate, with some bugs that need worked out
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    Originally posted by ivand67
    Winamp.exe stops responding when I'm in full-screen video mode and I click anywhere in the progress bar (while still in full-screen of course).

    It happened last night with a WMV - I thought it was the video which was problematic - but now I just tried it on an XviD video and it's happening with an AVI too.

    Help! What should I do??
    Originally posted by Tag
    This has been fixed thanks to benski staying late last night We've retracted the staged 5.09 builds and pushed new ones up. For those of you who just couldnt wait til later today for the "Official" release, you will need to re-download 5.09.
    Also, Benski fixed the Drag-n-Drop problem with the ML.
    You might also now notice a new "AOL Video" view under "Online Media" in the Media Library. with over 7000 streams!!!
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    im gonna step back down to 5.08 for two reasons

    1) when watching a winamp music video the resize is fuked
    2) you cant skip the little intro video advert thing "this video is bought to u by winamp pro"

    ADDED: also my "Now Playing" MSN name is always messed up while watching music vids

    im my books 5.09 is gay
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    sounds good to me, will be updating ASAP.

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    Sounds good ! In need of an update too!

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    if u need to update to version 5.09, then ur way behind the times.
    this thread is over a year old, and winamp have had numerous new releases since then.

    i think somebodys spamming their 1st 5 posts


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