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    hey if your like me then when you listin to the radio you hear a song you like but you cant figure out what the song is called and there isnt a lyrics site anywhere that lets you search by lyrics. Well i have found one (sorta). Go to a search engine (ive only tried this on google and yahoo) and type in part of the lyrics the add a space then type site: and following that would be a lyricswebsite but not all of them work for this. so for example you could type Itís been a bad day and the first result comes out to be something coporate - bad day lyrics (the right song) but it doesnt always come out to be the first result so you might haft to scroll a little.

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    Or , in a search engine like google write out a line from a song in speech marks like this "now I would never diss my own mama just to get recognition" and most of the time your'll get the name of the song.


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