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Thread: what are ASPI drivers for?

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    what are they for
    i know your CD-rom drive uses them
    but whats the advantages?
    any disadvantages?

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    Quote :
    "The term 'ASPI' is an acronym that stands for: Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. All the following terms are synonymous: ASPI layer, ASPI drivers, ASPI interface. The term 'SCSI' [scuzzy] is an acronym that stands for Small Computer Systems Interface. An ASPI layer consists of four files that 'lie between' various programs [software] and certain devices, such as CD/DVD-ROM drives and CD/DVD burners/writers [hardware]. Software programs such as CD digital audio extractors [commonly known as 'Rippers'] and CD-writing utilities such as CDRWin use/require ASPI drivers to 'communicate with' SCSI devices. Many people don't realize however, that the files contained in an ASPI layer are also used in systems that *don't* contain a SCSI adapter, or SCSI devices .. for things such as ripping CD audio and burning CD/DVDs. "

    I'v never really thought about it . IF everything works like dvd , cdrw I would just leave them alone. There is a little more info here.
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