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Thread: Trouble with TMPEngc

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    Im trying to convert some XVIDs and Divx through TMPEngc, but everytime I do it I don't ahve any sound. Ive tried various combos.. oh yeah, im comverting em to the mpg II for DVDs. Any0ne had this problem?

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    Use VirtualDub (or VirtualDubMod) to split the sound off first, then recombine once you've converted the video stream.
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    thanks, ill definetly try that because ive been beating my head against the wall and with 2 hr convert times... it is getting trying

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    Me too it happened to me, the difference only is iI converted in mpeg for vcd & it also has no sound. Should i do the same thing?

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    Check the file with G-Spot to see if the sound is AC3....If it is then use Virtual-Dub to extract the wave file and enter it into TMPGENC for the audio....Hope that helps

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    HelloNewman is right. If you have AC3 sound, you need to open the movie in Virtualdub and choose Save wav as. When you add the video in TMPGenc, add the .wav file for sound. also, you can stop after encoding 1% of the movie and play the result and you'll see if you have sound... no need to wait for the whole file to encode before seeing if you got sound.


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