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    Hey what happened ? When I what to read about software problems , or the newest updates . I could just click on software. Its becoming too complicated for an old fool like me . I think thats why I quit posting on the Neowin board. No
    offence to the hard work of the mods but............... This board is hard enought
    for new people to navagate around .

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    the news comes up on the portal ( if the software news is posted in it's news section.

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    I was wondering if anyone would find this to be an issue as now posts that would normally be in one place are now elsewhere, perhaps its possible to create a mirror image of the posts or an even simpler solution would be to post them in the section they would normally be in and request via pm or even the report section they be front page and if warranted then they could be moved leaving the redirect lnk this creating the best of both...

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