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Thread: Night Watch

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    tarzan's Avatar lore keeper
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    May 2003
    any one hear anything about this movie?
    Night Watch
    A fantasy-thriller set in present-day Moscow where the respective forces that control daytime and nighttime do battle
    that sounds like alot of potential to be a badd ass movie
    the trailor looks wicked.
    view the trailor

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    saw this last night its brilliant! cant wait to watch the second one day watch

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    DorisInsinuate's Avatar Four Star Cynic
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    Oct 2005
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    I read it was supposed to be pretty good, and that the big Hollywood studios hijacked the sequels; so the elitists will enjoy gloating that they saw the original non-American one first, and therefore: them > y00.
    It's hot in Topeka.

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    hippychick's Avatar Memo, what memo? BT Rep: +5
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    Is this movie dubbed in English or subbed in English?
    Plus I heard it isn't a horror movie, but a political movie with witches and vampires
    Anyone know if its a horror movie?
    I'm really looking fwd to this movie to see something not 'Hollywood" and politically
    Plus I made a thread for free movie passes to it. I will keep looking for more.

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    I hope the dutch release won't be dubbed in english

    i prefer the original languages, with english/dutch subs.
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    mr. nails's Avatar m@D @n!m3 BT Rep: +1
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    so, i watched this movie over a year ago and i just don't see what the hype is about. really, it's not that good.
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    i downloaded it from torrentspy, its in russian w eng subs, there is no dubbed version as far as im aware, which is good cos i dont think it would really work dubbed. the sequel is out there too but so far is only russian wiv no subs. if anyone finds it wiv subs or the subs seperate let me know. its called Daywatch by the way

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    i need to see this flick

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    all of the success that this film had in russia had me intrigued to check it out once it debuted here. so far the reviews have been quite mixed so it will be interesting to see the reaction here in the u.s. market.

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