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Thread: Xvid Sux

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    I dont get it. Why do ppl have xvid and 3vix or whatever its called. Why not just have divx ??. I downloaded a movie called undercover brother and its a screener. I have tried and tried to convert it into mpeg and it just doesnt work. I downloaded all the codecs and the only player that would play it is quiktime and that was with no sound!!!!

    I managed to rip the audio into wav and then ripped the video ad then converted it into vcd and quess what ?? the audio is out. I have tried many months to get this going but im tsarting to think the original is out of sync to. I cant even find a player that will play the video + sound its always just video or just sound.

    God damnit why not just use divx instead. its not like these other codecs compress better.

    I have downloaded so many different codecs its not funny. Usually i can convert a movie into vcd as piss as pie but these xvid ones are just retarded.

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    Take an aspirin. Just because you can't convert it to mpeg doesn't mean it sucks. List your codecs, which players, what encoding programs, and your system specs and you'll probably get a solution. "I downloaded all the codecs" is not specific enough.

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    actually they can compress better than divx and xvid is more stable than divx meaning sometimes when u play a divx movie it gets stuck and usually this happens in a old comp. but it happens in new comps too. sometimes it is tedious to get all the codecs working but we have to look at the big picture even if u dont get the codec to work everybody else will so cuz of one persons problem we cant stop compressing movies the better way.

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    Try VideoLAN for playing the file.

    btw, you might have to decompress the audio into PCM.

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    yes xvid is more stable and once you have a good working xvid codec then encoding has no problems. there are alot of xvid codecs with errors.
    for example the nimo codec pack has a crappy xvid codec from my experience.

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    Read this and see if it helps you to convert Xvid to Divx.
    Good to know

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    XviD has become superior compared to DivX.

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    OK guys this i downloaded a codec pack and this is what it installed.

    - BSplayer [version 0.86.494]
    - DivX Pro Corporate Edition [version 5.03]
    - DivX MPEG-4 Low and Fast motion [version]
    - XviD Encoder [Nic's build 30/03/2003]
    - XviD Decoder [Koepi's build 04/10/2002]
    - 3ivX [version 4.0.3]
    - Microsoft MPEG-4 (modified) [version: /]
    - Windows Media 8 [version]
    - Cyberlink DVD decoder [version]
    - Ligos MPEG-2 decoder [version 4.0.77]
    - huffyuv [version 2.1.1]
    - Ligos Indeo XP [version 5.2]
    - WMA Audio [version]
    - AC3 Audio [version 0.68b]
    - Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 DirectShow Decoder [version]
    - Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 ACM Codec [version]
    - Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 ACM Codec [version]
    - Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter [version]
    - Ogg Vorbis ACM [version]
    - TFM Audio Filter [version 1.0b8]
    - Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher [version 0.9.7]
    - Vobsub [version 2.23]
    - DivX Anti-Freeze [version 0.4]
    - FourCC Code Changer

    The movie still does not want to play Have i missed something ??

    the exact name of the file is

    If any one has this movie can u please tell me what codec u have ??

    Im sorry for the first post i was angry

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    i have this movie and i got klite codec pack 2.0 and it plays fine.

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    i have this movie and i got klite codec pack 2.0 and it plays fine.
    install the codec pack this guy is using. first be sure to uninstall
    the codec pack you already installed.

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