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Thread: Torrent has disappeared?

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    Never had this happen before.
    Started downloading Star Wars 4 from 1 seed(no peers) at piesexy, got to 115mb and the seed disappeared to be replaced with a peer that had 99.9% of the d/l, that peer has gone but another with 1.2% has popped up, thought this was a bit odd so went back to piesexy to see what the seed/peer ratio was and here's the strange bit, the torrent has disappeared from their site!
    The tracker is still online though.

    Anyone know what could have happened(why it's not on the site)?

    ps, the 99.9% peer has come back on.

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    They were most likely contacted by someone to remove the Torrent from there site..
    if it gets removed from the Tracker will never finish it.


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