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Thread: War Related Video On Kazaa

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    what do u guys think about all the video that is available for download,

    not the al jazeera dead bodies stuff. i think we've heard enough about that.

    i'm talkin about the ac-130 gun camera stuff, the rock music over cool clips of military hardware doin its thing,
    and the comedy bits like "between iraq and a hard place"

    where's the pro U.S. stuff come from? Army PsyOps? or just random people with some video skillz?

    if u don't know what i'm talkin about, just search for iraq in kazaa.

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    I don't think now is the right time to register this board with a username like that.

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    If you're looking for more War related footage try these sites:

    The first two are particularly good. The first has got "Daisycutter" and "MOAB" footage. The second has smart bomb footage from Kosovo, you have to check the "bridge and train" clip. It's fucked up!!

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    this has got loads of little movies and stuff on but i cant find between iraq and a hard place anymore, it was on there though

    oh and there was a video behind iraqi lines what i saw about ten seconds of on skynews of two guys running about under a bridge and one turns round and says."fuck you bush, fuck you bush" that looked interesting


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