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Thread: invites?

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    looking for an invite to They've got some great tv shows available. I've gotten some shows off torrentspy that originally were put up by this tracker, and I'd love to get more.

    I'm a long time member of both this site and the P2P/ bittorrent community. I have very good stats on all my sites. I'm a member of ET, Oink, Demonoid, and maxxedfootball. Unfortunately (even though I usually maintain an almost 3.00 share ratio and always at least 1.00 (on Oink)) I've never received any invites to share. I asked a mod. w/ ET but haven't gotten a response yet. When I do get some I will of course share. I'd really appreciate it if someone could hook me up. Thanks!

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    maxxed football is not a tracker, it is a forum where people upload torrents onto other trackers

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    I wrote sites my friend, not trackers. They still keep track of your stats


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