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Thread: Geneic Host Error Win32...

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    A while ago I posted in the Bittorrent forum about an error message I repeatdly received that would disconnect me from the internet. I though it was caused by my use of P2Ps or Azureus. This error now often occurs if I just connect to my server, use email, or explorer/ mozilla!

    It seems quite random. Now for example, I've been running the PC for hours on Azureus, using the net. and email, and no probs. Sometimes I wonder if it's b/c I leave my PC running all the time, but even if I leave my PC off all night, it still happens sometimes in the morning.

    I get an error window that pops up saying: Generic Host processing error in Win32. When I look at which files the errors are contained in, they are temp files. I've erased them, and the prob. still continues. When the connection cuts, the connection icon stays on screen, but w/ no activity. I try to disconnect, but nothing happens. I have to restart the PC and reconnect to the PC. My TCP settings and LSP are fine. I uninstalled several unncessary extra programs, but it hasn't helped.

    Any ideas?

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    Read my post in this thread:

    I have since then upgraded to NAV 2005 and have not gotten the error a single time after that so I guess I might be on to something!!.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!

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    I'd like to thank JAgren for his most useful suggestion of switching over to NAV2005 in order to eliminate the Generic Host Process Win 32 error that was frequently cutting my internet connection. After trying many things, I finally uninstalled the NAV 2003 I had, and installed NAV 2005. Since then my interent connection has had no problems. I suppose switching to another Anti-virus might also have worked, but obviously there was some kind of conflict between Windows XP and NAV 2003. If you have this problem, you may want to try a new ver. of the abti-virus software you're using.

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    Use to happen to me there was some patch microsoft put out


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