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Thread: Cracks?

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    I'm kinda clueless when it comes to these, where should i put them, how should i use them? ive just downloaded jedi academy, ive tried putting cracks into game files by unpacking with winiso and just inserting the file, ive been trying for ages to get them to work and i just can't can somone please enlighten me. sorry if this is the wrong section as well

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    depends on the game mostly - but genreally if you open up the nfo that came with the crck it will tell you what to do

    you normally have to copy over the original .exe file with the crack one to actually open/run the game and sometimes you have to overwrite other game files aswell

    hope that helps
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    all the .nfo file says is: d) copy crack from cd1 into the <installdir>/GameData/ dir, I've tried putting it in the install file and the game data file so unless i can't the file (on the game), i'm stuck. which .exe file are you tlking about, or is the only ever one? cheers

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