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Thread: Help an oldie out?

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    Hey people, have decided on getting back into the p2p scene ..
    Anyone able to help out by sending me an invite for oink / pisexy / elite torrents or any other of the best BT sites. Woudl be greatly appreciated.

    Email is:

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    I still have a few. Just a sec.

    {edit} One sent, but ET says I have no invites, even though I should.
    Maybe something to do with the user cap increase (which I think were all snatched up).
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    Thank you very much Murderyou!
    Thats PISexy, I'll check it out, very much appreciated mate.

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    I can help with elite torrents if needed

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    ^ Yes please mate, I share a ton so if anything I'd be of help to all but a larger choice is always great. If anyone could help with ET / Oink I'd be thankfull.

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    Invites have been disabled just checked the site I had 5 sorry
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    ^ No problem mate, nice of you to try.


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