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Thread: Camcorders

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    i'm looking to buy a camcorder, but before i do i've got a few questions.

    i'll be using it for family events, but wouldn't mind trying to make a short film with effects/angles etc

    what are the features i should look for (memory stick or tape? digital or analogue?), cos i'll be hooking it up to a laptop for editing and stuff.

    so far the JVC GRD53 looks good cos it has every feature on it (280)

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    Short films effects would mostly be done on computer with software, not the camera.
    Angles require either multiple cameras, or repeated scene shooting from different sides. No feature can shoot from another angle AFAIK.

    I'd go for a mini-DV camera for editing, but that is my personal preference.

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    whatever you do buy the camera withthe biggest lense.

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    digital all the way. anything mechanical(tapes, cds, etc) is more apt to break. solid-state media(memory cards, et al) is more reliable but may limit your record time.
    look for "optical" zoom, not "digital" (if you care about that sort of thing). USB output is good, firewire connectivity is better.

    3 ccd cameras are the bomb and capture images beautifully, but they are quite costly. most cameras utilize 1 ccd.

    lastly, try physically handling whatever interests you 'cause only you are aware of your technical aptitude. and every mfg has there own ideas about functionality and ergonomics.

    btw, Sony camcorders, use Sony proprietary memory sticks...this means you must buy them from Sony....which means no competition...which translates to you paying what they want to charge.

    my .02


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