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Thread: Help! I Screwed Up!

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    I dl dvdxcopy 1.5 with keygen. After messing around with it for awhile (the keygen wouldn't work) I finally found a dl that had info on how to get the keygen to work (change your computer date, etc). It worked great!!! I was so excited that I didn't read the last sentence that said "NEVER push the button that says check for updates".

    Well, guess what? I pushed the button. I locked up my program and told me to reregister. It no longer has the register by phone option so I can't use the keygen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program and the register by phone option won't come back.

    What do I do? Will I ever get this program to work?

    Note--- it was really working great before I screwed it up. Highly recommended.

    Thanks for your help. I'm desperate.

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    Uninstall and try to d/l a different version?
    I had no problems with mine,keygen etc needed no changes to date etc,so there must be either newer/better versions out there.But whatever you do keep trying,its a hell of a program! B) B)

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    Download a registry cleaner and search for DVDXcopy and then delete all entries.This should do the trick.

    There is a great registry cleaner that I use and is completly free:

    Vilma registry explorer

    This also has the option of "undo", but always be careful when messing with the registry.(It's best to make a backup first).

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi I was able to install version 1.4. Does anyone know if 1.5 is that much better - is it worth messing with?

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    Can you share the Hash for this wonderful program? Thanks.

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    I am embarassed to say that I have no idea how to figure out the hash once the program is dl, nor do I know how to put it into my post (if someone wants to let me know how I can work on it.) But... if you run a search (all) in emule you will get several with the 1.5 version and keygens as well. Also try to find another very short file that tells you how to use the keygen (by changing the date). OR you can run the search in Kazaa. There is a very good 1.4 version that comes cracked. All you do is dl and install - there you go.

    Hope that helps.

    If someone wants to school me on the hash thing, I'ld be happy to learn.

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    How to do it:

    1) Start Sig2Dat.
    2) Click on 'Signature Calculation'.
    3) Select the following hybrid style:

    4) Click on 'Select File(s) for Calculation'.
    5) Choose the verified files and click Open.
    6) The signature calculations will show up in the white window. Select the ones you want (hold the Shift or the Control key to choose more than one signature calculation at the same time).
    7) Click on 'Copy Selection to Clipboard'.
    8) Create a new topic in the verifieds section. Please use a subject that describes the contents of your post.
    9) Paste the signature calculation(s) into the message area of the topic you are about to post. You can press [Ctrl] + [v] or use the context menu (right-click on the message area and click 'Paste&#39.
    10) You should see something like this:

    File:<a href="sig2dat:///|File:sig2dat.exe|Length:54272 Bytes,53KB|UUHash:=5J4NI7fleAT2wOootCOp3v8r//8=|">sig2dat.exe</a>
    Length:54272 Bytes,53KB
    11) It looks weird but don't worry. When you post it, it will show up correctly.
    12) You can add some more information about your post or just submit your topic.

    Original post by: DataMore


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