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Thread: Fox News

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    I was watching a Program called Mediawatch and the topic of Fox news came up, i have to say this is the most biased shit i have ever seen, i was disgusted when i heard them say

    "‘Thank you Shepherd very much. Well, Shep, don’t look now but the Shi’ites have hit the fan."
    - Fox News, 26 March 2003

    and they even joked about using the mother of all bombs

    The links also have links to the video

    With the nation at war and on high alert for terror. Stay brave, stay aware and stay with Fox, for Cavuto coming right now. Hello Neil.

    ‘Thank you Shepherd very much. Well, Shep, don’t look now but the Shi’ites have hit the fan.’
    - Fox News, 26 March 2003
    - Watch video »

    Human beings as faeces on the Fox News Channel.
    Welcome to week three of the war on Australia’s own Media Watch. I’m David Marr.
    That war can brutalise those left behind is an old lesson of history and we’re getting worried about The Sydney Morning Herald’s Miranda Devine, who’s starting to write about humans as vermin.

    ‘Better to bring [war] on now, at a time of our choosing, with all the cockroaches gathered for a showdown out in the open in Iraq, rather than cower at home…
    - Sydney Morning Herald, 3 April 2003

    And so on and on and on. Evangelist Franklin Graham – son of Billy – might remember her as he prays for all journalists – including Oliver North – on Fox News.

    ‘I pray for our President. I pray God will give him wisdom. I pray for our military commanders. And I watched Olly, and I watched the other reporters tonight on your program give their reports. I pray for these men who bring us the news, whose lives are on the line. I just say God bless these men, keep them safe, keep them all safe and bring them home safely.’
    - Fox News, 29 March 2003

    Fox at war :: 7/4/2003

    Say what you like about Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network – its strange intimacy with God and the US Administration – but it takes real flair to put this on national television.

    ‘One of the questions that people keep asking me about you and the guys you’re out there with – I don’t know how you want to answer this question but – using the facilities when there aren’t any facilities: how are you going to the bathroom buddy?’
    - Fox News, 29 March 2003
    Watch video »

    So he called the soldier over.

    ‘You want to demonstrate for us how you sit on that shovel? You want me to do it. There you go. Isn’t that something?’
    - Fox News, 29 March 2003
    Watch video »

    Not that Fox neglects the sharp end of the business. They love bombs on Fox.

    ‘Should they have used more? Should they, you know, use the MOAB, the Mother of All Bombs and a few Daisy Cutters. You know, lets not just stop at a couple of Cruise Missiles.’
    ‘Only 40, huh?’
    ‘I want to see them use that MOAB. We all want to see them use that MOAB.’
    - Fox News, 25 March 2003
    Watch video »

    Free of charge to the US taxpayer, Fox delivers threats to the enemies of the Bush administration.
    I have to say if you get your info just from Fox then there's not much hope for you.

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    This isn't really anything new. Fox News has impressive Republican backing.

    Here is a rather lengthy article about Fox News, if you want to see.

    things are quiet until hitler decides he'd like to invade russia
    so, he does
    the russians are like "OMG WTF D00DZ, STOP TKING"
    and the germans are still like "omg ph34r n00bz"
    the russians fall back, all the way to moscow
    and then they all begin h4xing, which brings on the russian winter
    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    I doubt you'll get an argument from anyone on that.

    Its common knowlege.

    Of course, Fox Swears its not.

    CNN isn't as biased. The only problem with CNN is that to keep up with Fox, they have sensationalize the news.

    If you watch CNN you can see the reporters struggling to maintain their self respect as serious journalists while at the same time, trying to maintain their market share.

    I like watching Fox because they its like the comic relief version of the war.

    To find out whats really going on though, I turn to CNN.

    Its easier to gather the truth of the matter from the hype.

    Then of course, to get the best and purest assessment, I go online and check out

    The website is not obligated to sensationalize the war so the info is about as accurate and unclouded as you can get in todays news world.

    As for the MOAB, they may be right.

    Most people thought they had used it on day one.
    When we found out they hadn't, we began to wonder, just how much of an explosion does it do.

    Between you and me and anyone who reads this though, I don't think we have another one made yet.

    The one they tested in Florida was just that, a test.

    And a 21,000 lbs bomb cannot be put together overnight.

    I think the biggest bomb we've used so far was 4,000 lbs.


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    biased news? *cough* CNN *cough*!

    i dont think any others compare. and no, i haven't read any of the posts here.

    edit: why would u watch fox neways? obviously its not a legit news source.

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    wow. thats really bad.

    but NBC showing the Iraqi pow was just incredible. its sad how corrupt the media now seems to be..

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    Fox News biased? Never! Ever seen Iraqi state television, Al-Jazeera, and Baghdad Bob? And CNN reporters in Iraq are a bunch of liars. Didn't report everything they knew so they wouldn't get thrown out of Iraq (happened before the war).

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    News has become more about hyping stories and promising exclusive coverage, than about the actual state of affairs.

    They have found it is more ratings worthy to delcare the worst and apologize later on page 12 between womens lingerie ads.

    I am going to be vague here but I knew one of the people arrested by the FBI after 9/11. He was eventually declared innocent of any wrongdoing, but before this became apparent he was slandered by front page headlines. No less than 5 totally unsubstantiated charges were made, the guy had nothing to do with anything.

    He and I previously discussed the differences in the media between my country and his. He told me that my news was full of lies. I laughed and told him that's what his state controlled media wants him to think.

    Anyway, after the debacle, he came to me and said, "I told you so!". I said you are right, the media was totally irresponsible, clearly caring more about money than facts. I am sorry.

    Yeah, thats what the media said too, on page 12..........

    This is the problem with a free press, they must enforce responsiblity upon themselves, or else they will keep upping the ante to improve sales, eventually gaining the credibility of the National Enquirer.

    This can be easily solved by letting the government control the media so that dollars won't interfere with the truth. Yeah, lets not even go there.

    Why not have a "lie fund". Everytime the news acts irresponsibly, they have to pay a huge fine directly to me. This fine will ensure that they check the facts before slander someone on the front page. At the end of the year I will throw a pool party with the fine money.

    But seriously, I wish there were some enforcing body to oversee credibility in the media, with fines so steeep for irresponsibilty that no false headline would be financially worth it.

    The media should come up with this governing entity themselves before they lose all credibility and someone does it for them.

    Edit: found in more amusing to leave the typo (steeep).
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Originally posted by ne1GotZardoz@8 April 2003 - 10:45
    If you watch CNN you can see the reporters struggling to maintain their self respect as serious journalists while at the same time, trying to maintain their market share.
    cnn as serious journalism....that's outrageous.....ne1, where do you get this stuff? i don't mean to keep harping on you, but nearly every one of your posts has managed to make me raise my eyebrows and drop my jaw.

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    CNN is pretty damn good about being the very first to air a story.

    as to their bias, of course its pro american, its AOL Time goddamn Warner u idiots. one of the largest companies in the states.

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    Oh, please...
    FOX has, by far, the best collection of newsbabes.
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

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