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    My friend is using a 56k modem, but when he opens ie6 he gets an error 'can't find the server' i think it's aproblem of TCP/IP parameters but i donno anything in this domain...

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    i think he should try speaking with his ISP - service support..... B)
    they must know the answer

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    Does his internet work with other things like AIM, or ICQ, or online games?

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    Dunno because none of this stuff is installed on his comp... only thing i know is that outlook don't work neither..

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    Does he even know if the modem connects to his ISP? Is he sure the modem is working properly? Is so, ISP would be the 1st place to start with, maybe the modem needs a specific init. string from the ISP, just grasping at straws here.
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    It worked b4, the modem works very good, but it cannot find the host site..


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