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    I downloaded arcade games collection 30 games with the real ROMs.
    I ran my virus scan and it had no viruses. When I clicked on the file(simply named Games.exe)nothing happened.
    I tried to delete it but can't. It says the file is being used by Windows.
    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this damned thing before it does any harm to my computer?I would really appreciate the help.

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    Hello Starsfires !
    i've had similar files to delete. firstly go to task manager(ctrl-alt-delete) and do an end task on this file. i'll assume you are using windows 98 se. now go to MY COMPUTER-ADD REMOVE PROGRAMMES-and remove from there. then delete file from it's current location. this normally works but let us know if it does'nt as there are more steps we can take

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    Like m8t said, if you kill Games.exe from processes then you should have no trouble deleting it. If you do you can always try to do it in DOS mode. Run the command prompt, navigate to your directory and use the 'Del' function with a/f to force a delete. This will delete read only files.

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    Thank you both for your replys.
    Checking in task manager and in add/remove, The Games.exe is not shown in either one.
    I'm at a loss. I did a search for the file and came up with only1 games.exe located in my share folder. I took my share folder off of being shared until I get rid of this thing. I don't want to spread it.
    Thanks again

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    Don't know what OS you are running, but i've had that happen a few times. Just reboot your system and then delete the file, works most of the time. If not boot up in safe mode and delete file. What's the file size of the game you downloaded? It may be that you needed to change the .exe to .zip or .ace or something. Some folks change it to make it easier to find.
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