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    I am thinking of building a new pc next week would you all please help and tell me what hardware you think i may need i like gameing on line and watching movies thanks

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    I'm still waiting for my cunting parts to come, fucking 6.99 for next day service and shit still isn't here, it's bloody 1pm for christ sake.

    Any parts, err um..

    At least a Geforce 3ti 500 Video card, always make sure you get a ti card and not an MX card.
    At least 512mb DDR 2100
    Asus Motherboard
    Atleast a SoundBlaster 5.1
    Atleast a 2100XP AMD processor
    Powerful CPU cooling fan
    ATX case

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    dont forget ur HDD, dvd drives, cd-rewriter and peripherals

    and a LAN card is properly a good idea if u have broadband cos although most of them work fine thru USB port i have found that my cable modem works better thru my Ethernet port

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    People know to buy those things I hope

    Atleast a 80GB Maxtor Hdd
    Liteon 48X CDRW drive
    Any DVD you want, Panasonic are nice
    Mouse, keyboard etc, blah blah blah blah

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    for online gameing you will nedd the following,

    a big hdd 60gb+
    a fast cpu at least 2ghz
    about 512 ram 1gb recomended
    broadband connection
    good graphics card try a 64mb but 128 would be better

    than you are sorted. puls you will need casr,etc.

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    check this thread out for recommended parts

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    check this thread

    first post is the one im getting itz about 900 dollars >> shipping makes it 950

    really good computer


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