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Thread: being able to watch a file with missing parts?

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    A have dowloaded a video but it is missing two parts in middle of it, is there a way for me to extract the entire rest of it?

    thak you

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    You can prveiw or watch the part file with VideoLan perhaps...
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    Edwatch is really good for previewing incomplete video files.

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    u can use "partview VIII"

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    all of the above plus

    if you have a file with parts missing and you just cant wait to watch it or its just sitting not completing you can try this - start emule. go to transfers, hover on the file that has parts missing. now it will say all the details of the file, look for something that looks similar to this - 00*.part.met (*insert number of your file),

    now go to your emule temp folder, prob located C:\Program Files\Emule\temp and look for your file, there will be three files in the folder for each download you have,

    001.part.met.bak (2KB), 001.part.met (2KB) and 001.part (size - however much you have downloaded so far). the file named 001.part (or whatever your file number is) is the one you want.
    Right click on it then copy, then go to another folder ie "my docs" and right click and paste it.

    now rename the file you have just pasted from file type "part" to whatever file type the file you are downloading is - ie change it to 001.avi or 001.mpg etc etc and as long as you have downloaded the very first and last part of the file it should play (it needs the first and last bits to render the file), the screen will go blank or freeze when you get to the missing parts, just skip forward.

    to change file type you must have it set to "hide extensions for known file types" in folder options disabled. open any folder then click tools>folder options>view and then scroll down and untick the box that says "hide extensions for known file types" apply and ok it.

    this is for video only, it may work with rar files

    sorry its long winded but ive posted this more simply before in other forums and had questions questions, thought i would post it step by step. LOL
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    previewing an incomplete video may vary in results as follows:
    5% done = Very Very Choppy and Unstable
    30% done = you can see 10-20 second intervals without skips normally
    75% done = pretty good, you can see 40-60 second intervals without skips normally
    90% done = It's so close that you could prob watch atleast half the video by now...
    If no one has the remaining source, then you could try importing the incomplete video into an editor to slice the currupt part off.
    VLC is good about playing anything, but don't use it for all your video's only good for emergency I believe. (It's DivX codec sucks ass for some get that choppy purple/green distortion shight!)


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