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Thread: DC++ hub recommendations

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    I have about 19GB worth of shareable material... but it's different stuff. Like, 2GB music, 7.2GB Seinfeld, 4.6GB Family Guy (Seasons 1-3), 6.5GB movies, etc. So, what hubs do you guys recommend I connect to? I'm kind of new to DC++; been a FastTracker for a long time, then recently got into BitTorrent and WinMX. I love the idea of DC, but I used to be behind a university network so I was never able to use it.

    Thanks everyone; flame me if you must, but keep it clean
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    Go to

    and search for the right hub.

    P.S: 19G is not much for the best hubs;some request more than 100G

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    but 19gb sure gets u intoa load of hubs to find what u want
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