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Thread: which version

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    I know there is a STICKY post of moderator related to this topic here, But we cant share oue views in that post. so here I m posting this thread.

    Which version of kaza u liked better.
    2.4.3 OR 2.6

    and how was downloading? the number of sharing ? number of files?
    Crazy about filesharing

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    Well I can only say that I havent even tried it since 2.4.3 so would be hard to compare.
    However if you do end up with 2.4.3 get the Updates in the attachment below...

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    Thanks for the link is a big help for me and mine.

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    ive been using 2.4.3 for months, its the only version i find worthy lol, cheers for the link

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    kazaa lite k++, 2.4.3 is probably the best file sharinf software.
    Crazy about filesharing

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    works out just fine for me so does bt

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    Ive gone ahead and added the updates to the pinned topic now...

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    2.4.3 stable


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