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Thread: Breath Of Fire 4

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    Hiya i downloaded this game off newsgroups, it installed fine and i can run it fine, but every now and again it will reset to the desktop, i am using alcohol 120% to mount the .bin and i have the no cd crack, if you load it back up you can get past the bit where it crashed but then about 20 minutes later it crashes back to the desktop.

    Was just wondering if anyone else who has this game is having the same problem as me, or is yours running ok. i have windows 2000 but i cant see that being a factor as it is a new game, but if anyone knows of a fix or an idea of what might be causing the problem please post, i think it could be the fact i am using a virtual drive, but as i have not got a cdrw i havnt got a choice but to use it.



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    Im, not sure what it is stoi, I get exactly the same problem. It could be a dodgy console conversion, as Im right in it hasnt been officially released on the PC?. Its a great game, having played BoF3 and enjoying it thouroughly on the ps1, I missed out on this one. But yeh, it crashes on mine also, but I just reload my game and carry on, a bit tedious tho lol


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