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Thread: user accounts help..

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    a lil while ago i reinstalled windows rite but instead of creating a new administrator account i use the one that was made called administrator. so today i need to created a new account for my bro but as a limited user but it sed to do that i had to make a admin one well so i did so now i had 3...
    i had the admin one
    i had the new admin one
    and a limited one

    but i restarted my system and the old admin one is gne so have all my files and seetings help... plz help !!

    i have xp pro

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    System restore? google ms help forums

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    Windows XP creates the "administrator" account during the installation process by default. This is the account that it most often utilizes during safemode. Some OEM installations use this account as well at first start-up. Not exactly the thing I prefer, myself.

    However, the retail version of XP (non-OEM), also during installation, should prompt you to create any number of accounts you choose. These accounts are all "admin" accounts by default until you change this after set-up in the "user accounts" applet of the control panel.

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    You can get all the files either in C:\documents and settings\administrator
    at welcome screen press alt+ctrl+del twice and it will take u to a login box where u can type administrator and the password for aht account and it will log in, where u can take your files and copy them somewhere else.

    but you shouldn't have been using the administartor account in the first place.


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