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Thread: Playing Downloads On Cd Player.

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    I didn't know all the stuff was compressed for the computer so although it will play on the computer, I can't seem to get it onto a CD in the first place - I get error messages about not using a re-writable CD when I am using one - and then there was nothing there when I tried to play it on my normal CD - I understand about the compression of files but how do I download the wonderfully huge amount of music onto a CD I can play on my CD player?

    Help please!

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    If you use Nero or something similar, you have to use the option to Create an Audio CD.

    You will only be able to fit about 74 minutes of music onto each CD however, but the burn software will tell you when you're "overdrawn"

    Alot of standard CD players will not be able to read CDRW's, and some struggle with CDR's, but if you get a good clean burn it should be OK.

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    What prog Are using to burn?


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