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Thread: Any Software Which Can Do These?

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    Processed through batches of video files and stores down stats such as filesize, filename, length, type, codec for video and audio, etc and stores it down in a text file?

    The same as the above but does a screencapture of the video?

    It would be very useful as I'd like to use the stats and shots for a html page.

    TIA for anyhelp.

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    i dont thik yo can take a shot of a video. i have tried various palyers and they are all black parts where the video should go. try posting this in movieworld

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    you can do a screen capture with virtual dub
    or you could also try turning off all hardware acceleration in WMP or any other player that lets you do it.
    then it MAY be possible
    also try

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    sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the links, but I'm still hoping that theres a video info software out there.

    Ahh well, cheers.

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    It will save you a lot of work if you just link to the relevant pages

    In the topright corner you can find further pages of publicity/screenshots.

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    powerdvd will do screen captures,shows various on screen info and plays most file types besides just dvds.

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    Hi thanks, but im mainly looking for something which can do batches of video files. It becomes too much of a hassle when u want stats for 50 videos. Something automated would be a timesaver.


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