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Thread: Vcd Burning Problems/questions

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    1. when i convert movies (divx/xvid) from AVI to MPG using TMPGENC, there's no sound in the MPG. why is that?

    2. i want to burn an MPG using Nero, but TO KEEP THE BLACK STRIPES ABOVE AND BELOW THE MOVIE (otherwise it gets stretched all over the screen and it's just not right )... how can i do that??

    thanks for all your help (question 2 is more important than 1)

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    1. You have to rip out the sound separately to make a wav file. I use Goldwave it doesn't seem to have a problem with VBR encodings like Virtualdub has. Then in TMPGEnc select the wav you just made where it says Audio source.
    2.Don't know I use Nero and it keeps the black stripes?

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    if u click settings/advanced then double click clip frame theres an option arrange method then u can arrange the picture how u like it when finished just make sure there a tick next to the clip frame box.
    Also if u select no margin keep aspect it will alow u 2 cut as much off the black borders as u like and it wont strech the pic
    it wil cut off the borders while keepin the aspect ratio.

    ps once al set if u select file then preview u can check it will show u how it's going to encode the movie
    hope this helps

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    here are instructions on converting movies to mpeg with tmpeg.
    this site will answer any questions you have about video conversion.


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