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Thread: BF 1942 won't run with nero

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    I found a copy of the BF 1942 + expansion packs on the web. But unfortunately it keeps telling me to insert the right CD. I tried burning the files from the image onto a CD to no avail (the image was larger than the CD could hold). Any suggestions?

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    are you burning it right?
    recorder > burn image > find the cue and burn....

    you could always mount it with deamon tools.

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    the image itself is larger than 700mb though. And I tried using the Nero mount image drive but I got the same error, thats how I installed it.
    if it helps the files were originally .img's but I changed their tags to .iso
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    1. You can't just change the filename from IMG to ISO. That's probably not good.
    2. Try ripping it with Alcohol 120% into an MDF and MDS.

    EDIT: Nevermind, you don't have the discs. Did the IMG come with a CUE file? You're supposed to mount the CUE.
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    Use D-tools. No cd required

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    He can install it fine its just he hasn't applied the crack. By the way was your .img a dvd img (about 4Gb big) and had all the expansion packs and mods in one auto installer. I got this the other day and was quite handy.


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