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Thread: Need Image Editing Software

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    Help pls! I've downloaded Micrigrafx Pik Pub 10 (30 day trial), but need full version of any similar program. Have Photoshop, Jasc. Any Corel stuff would be good.....any ideas? Like where am I going to find it???

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    Search is the key to your quest.

    Click link, you'll see
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    thats a cool answer cornerpocket

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    Thanks CornerPocket! I'll happily be searching however, I did download Adobe InDesign 2.0 last nite - am now looking for a serial. Will get baaack later to tell you how it others can use it too.
    Looks like some probs w/CorelDraw....will wait on that one till more info is found....itmt, Happy trails to y'all

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    I have to ask, if you have photoshop, why do you need anything else? It's top notch, and the industry standard. It does more than any of the programs listed combined.

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    definately, nothing better than photoshop, photoshop reigns supreme!

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    I'll 2nd that PhotShop is the BOMB

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    Well, it's like this....used Micrografx for years - really great art editing prog. Got Photoshop and it's great for sure, but for some 19Century watercolours that I want to rework (colors are faded ), Micrografx was good for that and took no time (ease of use is unbelieveable&#33. So, that said, am still looking for full (as opposed to 30 day trial) version (10 pref). If anybody comes across this....I'd offer up ah...a 2 week stay on the tropical island of your choice replete with dancing girls, boyz or whatever!lol
    Key word here is time...don't have much of it and need a quick but effective image editor. Photoshop can't be beat for photo retouch - Micrografx is tops for speed, and great retouch for art.... so, pls inform if found. ]
    (what's the deal with CorelDraw? Huuuuge program it appears????


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