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Thread: Any Of U Guys ....

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    know of a good dj mixing software which is for mainly pros.

    plzz reply if u know of any. thx

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    google search found these:

    DSS DJ4


    DJ Decks

    and many other.....Google Results.........................

    rest is up to you B)
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    u like ur searches cornerpocket

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    ok thx

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    If you want really good dj mixing software get pcdj fx read this

    PCDJ is proud to present FX, the next Generation in Digital DJ technology.

    FX took off quickly on its ascent to the top of the Digital DJ realm with thousands of copies sold in just the first few weeks. PCDJ FX is the logical next step from the previous flagship program, PCDJ RED.

    FX comes with a slick new look and offers numerous new DJ features including: Master Tempo, One-Touch Looping, Effects Modules and Loop Editing Kits.

    These features are easy to navigate and open up a new world to enhance and develop your growing DJ style. Registered users also get access to the FX User website where message boards, plug-ins, skins, and updates will be available for our community.

    Im Putting it on kazaa lite for info go to

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    Originally posted by BROCKSTER@8 April 2003 - 19:47
    u like ur searches cornerpocket
    Inspector CornerPocket

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    could you post a hash or give me a link to d/l with crack? thanks

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    Pro Tools...
    professional artists use this too...i know linkin park do...
    but i've no linkz...
    anyone of u who does find this..pls post~


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