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Thread: Screens dying...

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    sceen goes black, then flashes on and off with like 30sec gap...

    its a TFT screen.

    can anyone tell me what this means?

    its on like 12hours aday

    it then works after a few min but it just took about 10min to come back on so i think its getting worse

    just started yesturday i thort it was a one off, but its not

    its about 2 years old.
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    probably is dying. I read that 2 years is quite long for LCDs.

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    What is with people lately? Again no make or model mentioned.

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    Jeez I said sorry VB, /me cries

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    i dont realy see what the make/model has 2 do with it. i was just wanting to find out if its cos its getting old.

    is there any way 2 stop it from doing this? and what makes it happen?

    make is: hp
    model is: pavilion f1523
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    RMA it

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    Before you do anything check the connectons on the monitor and on the puter. My crt was doing that and did n't notice till the kids were running by stomping . Sometimes is the easy things .

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    Quote Originally Posted by crysmileyguy!
    i dont realy see what the make/model has 2 do with it. i was just wanting to find out if its cos its getting old.
    Suppose Xyz LCD monitors only last 2 years, but Abc ones last 5 years.

    If you've got a Abc monitor and there's nothing wrong with it you're going to be pretty pissed if we tell you it is probably too old, get a new one and find the same problem. On the other hand if you've got an Xyz monitor you are going to be wasting your time and ours if it is simply too old.

    Try the monitor on another system. If you get the same problems the monitor is at fault, if they go away the monitor is fine so you need to look at your graphics card, or possibly something else on your base unit.

    Does the monitor have a separate PSU? If so, check that too.
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    i tryed replacing the power lead to it be4 posting here but that didnt stop the problem.
    my grafixs card has an extra port where i can plug up my tv to it, i have it plugged up all the time. should i turn that off and see if its some thing to do with that?
    grafix card is 2 years old as well.

    all so be4 i posted here i unplugged the screen while it was having the problem. it was only plugged in to the wall so i dont think its my pc.
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    do as posted before. try the monitor on another PC.

    than, decide what to do or come back and ask more questions.

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