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Thread: shzyprpapb.exe anoying the hell out of me!!

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    Ok here is the thing...there is a program that is getting on my nerves IT REALLY's in my C:\WINDOWS\shzyprpapb.exe is a Adware threat. I delete it but every time i start IE or Mozilla it reapears.

    Here is some info:
    General Tab
    Type of File: "Application"
    Description: "Buddy"
    Size 76.0 KB
    Size on disk: 76.0 KB

    Comments: "Browser windows for Direct Revenue"
    Company: "Direct Revenue"
    File Version: ""
    Internal Name: "Buddy.exe"
    Language: "English"
    Original File Name: "Buddy.exe"
    Private Build Description: "Buddy.exe"
    Product Name: "Buddy Window"

    Can somebody Please help me get rid of this crap!! I would really appreciate it. Norton picks it up as an adware threat. It deletes it abut then five seconds it comes back....Oh one more thing it tries to connect to my DNS server every time. my firewall stops it but im worried.

    Thank you in advance!!

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    Start > search > Buddy.exe and look for an unistall. If not, then it sounds like a job for HiJackThis!
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