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Thread: Laptop power socket

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    Hello guys,
    I've recently brought a new Acer Aspire which is great, My old laptop broke. What I mean by this is the power plugin at the back became faulty and I had to keep jiggling the lead around to get it to run on AC.

    anyways to cut a long story short, I took to to a computer shop twice, each time they fixed it and each time it broke lol.
    the repair they done on it broke for a 3rd time last month and I just got fed up and brought the Acer.

    Well if I can fix the old laptop then that's another means of internet incase any problems occur for whatever reason.

    When I took the cover of the laptop two pieces of solder came out, must have been the solder it was "repaired" with. Anyone know what I need to solder in it?

    The repair they've done on it is split the black casing done something inside it and glued the little box back together the casing has been split open again and you can make out the long pin which meets with the end of the power adaptor.
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    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    Powerport repairs top the list of laptop problems where I work.*

    Replacement ports are available on the internet (be prepared to spend alot of time searching...) and the optimal method involves resoldering a new port onto the board. Occasionally the new part can't be found and a "do what you can with the stuff that ya got" bodge-up is the only option.

    Jeez, I hate laptops.

    *Followed closely by "My cat threwup/pissed on the keyboard"
    I now believe that felines are genetically compelled to defile laptops and have referred the matter to the ASPCA.
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