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    Hi Guys. My Name is Andre As some of you might know me.

    Well I recently caught a virus and had to reinstall windows you know start form scratch. Becuase it was algging and stuff.

    Now i got one my my torrent sites back. But main one.

    (ET) Elite Torrents. Wont let me log in.

    Did I get banned.

    I can log in. It saids my email address is not in databases so did someone change it?

    Did I get HACKED? I heard of users Hacking Others on (ET).
    I really didnt think it was going to happen to me.

    I had 57gbs downloaded and 307 uploaded. That took me forever since i 1st joined ET before they ahd the new site image.

    When they had the ET menaing extra terriostial (MOVIE IMAGE) on the top.

    My avatar is scorpion from Deadly Alliance, I use the blade font and put in white PROUD TO BE A MEMEBER of ET.

    My user name is OASV2426.

    Cna someone do me a favor and see if anything has changed form what i jsut told you?

    Last thing i downloaded was MONSTER IN LAW FROM CENTROPY the (TS)

    Is there anyway to get my account back It would suck major f****** balls if I cant.

    I try to post this in the ET Forums but I need my ID# in my profile which I cant view since i cant get in.

    Am so sorry to bother. But i would really like help in this



    Andre Omar
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    Login failed!
    If you cannot log in, and you are sure that you have a registered account, please view this post on the forums. I am sorry about the inconvience.


    Thats what I get. I think I ahve been hacked. But if your an et user can u search for my username


    to see that either i got hacked or banned for inactivity but

    i was inactive for 4 days

    and my ratio 5.0 and up
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