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Thread: Systm

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    Can't believe nobody has posted about this yet...

    What is Systm?
    Systm is a new downloadable Technology TV show brought to you by the same crew that created The Screen Savers (TechTV days) and thebroken.
    Each episode, we’ll cover one project/device/application and provide you with the in-depth technical information you’ve been missing.
    From the same crew who made thebroken, Systm is a new freely available online technology program from ex TechTV hosts Kevin Rose and Dan Huard.

    The first episode of Systm hit the net today. Kevin's blog and thebroken website both got slashdotted almost immediately, and are still down at the time of this post.

    The show is available in Xvid, Windows Media, Theora & h.264 quicktime 7 (for Mac).

    Distribution from the Systm website is 100% Bittorrent, but a couple of helpful blog types have copies of the file mirrored here and here.

    Systm episode 1 covers building a homebrew warspying wireless camera scanner, and includes a couple of demonstrations out "in the wild".
    Running time is 10 minutes, and the Xvid version is a fairly hefty 157MB.

    For those who enjoy watching technology geeks at work, Systm is must see online TV.

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    will look into it - cheers

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    Thanx uNz[i], hope their not as annoying as Dotto's Data cafe .

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    The shows to short, and kinda lame. They like getting geeky, and explaining things, but they didnt with this. They skipped over alot.

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    Yeah, the only gripe I had was it was too short, but it was only the first episode, after all.
    They also said in the show that the schematic will be on the site, so I suppose they only went into as much detail as was necessary to demonstrate what they were doing.

    They're probably just waiting for the webtraffic to ease off before they release the schematic. I just tried Kevin's blog and both are still down.


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