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Thread: Whats The Best Dvd Player 2 Get

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    Hi, my pc came installed with "powerDVD 4 XP" just wondering what the best player out is so i can download it


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    BSPlayer is a very good player but I donīt know if it can play DVDīs cuz I havenīt tried it but if that player doesnt work,then try ZoomPlayer which is good too.

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    Originally posted by Nottingham_Forest_Football_Club@8 April 2003 - 15:53
    Hi, my pc came installed with "powerDVD 4 XP" just wondering what the best player out is so i can download it

    For playing DVD's it is just fine (powerdvd xp), I use it and would not recommend another.

    For avi's and mpg's I always suggest Divx Lunacy.

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    Zoom Player

    Download it from

    Since it an open source project and the developer charges NOTHING for the software, it doesn't include DVD decoder filters as you have to pay royalties for using these.

    Power DVD comes witht the DVD decoder filters, so all you have to do is install it.

    As far as picture quality goes you may not notice much difference over Power DVD (or any other player) as Zoom Player is using the same DVD decoder Filters but the overall usability of Zoom Player is brilliant! Also, its an all encompassing media player that can play everything under the sun. You have absolute and complete control over everything.

    Ive used it for about 5 months now and Ive never looked back.

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    you may as well just go ahead and use PowerDVD, since you apparently got a free copy of it with yer DVD drive. no disrespect intended toward other programs, but PowerDVD has a pretty good reputation, and it's definitely not a piece of junk or anything. i think most people consider PowerDVD to be one of the better programs out there.

    but like digital.bullet also said, if you install PowerDVD, it will install some filters that other programs can use to play DVDs... so you can try them out and see if you don't like their controls/options better.

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    With your machine-specs I would leave things as they are as long as you
    can upgrade for free.
    If you like to experiment however try out Nvidias new softwareDvD-player
    NVDVD-player (lookfor crack with google -search terms Nvdvd + Fosi).


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