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Thread: A question for the board veterans...

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    Hey everybody

    I doubt it most of you remember me, but people that have been here for more than 2-3 years should How y'all doin?

    I got a question that relates to that period to.

    About 2+ years ago (even before the forum turned from klite to There was some forum member that had a link in his signature to a page with Winamp downloads and a couple of Winamp skins he made. This guy has made the most perfect Luna (blue) skin I have ever seen, and I cannot find it anywhere (searched the past few days on google, without any success).

    Can someone direct me to that page, or tell me where I could get that skin?
    Thanks a lot

    The long-forgotten doodle
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    Welcome Back doodle

    srry I can't help you with that skin

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    wow, that's incredibly obscure, i can't even remember what i had for lunch oh crap, i haven't had lunch
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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    Welcome Back doodle

    srry I can't help you with that skin
    Hey {I}{K}{E} :-) nice to see some familiar faces...
    Damnit, this forum is my last hope :\

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    I don't remember who had those skins.

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    wasn't it sharedholder at one point?

  7. Lounge   -   #7 -> [WIP] Luna Element Winamp Skin
    ... Luna Element Winamp Skin remember to check back frequently for final ...
    This skin is made to give winamp the look of the fantastic visual style Luna ... php?showtopic=316551&st=0 - 80k - I > Customization & Skinning Section
    ... [WIP] Luna Element Winamp Skin (16 replies); Someone recognize this font? ...
    [REL] Luna Element 2 Winamp CD Case notifier (0 replies); [Release] Wave11 ... - 19k - I

    Sleepy Slug Winamp Skins
    ... Not only do I have a new winamp skin in the Chobits section, ... Today, made
    Alex/Luna skin from Lunar. Nearly driven to madness by many new windows ... - 35k -, #1 Source for winamp skins + icq skins + hotbar ...
    ... Brightman by Corabur 2000 - Sarah Brightman of La Luna fame on a winamp skin.
    Sarah Brightman-La Luna by Daniel Sandler - Winamp of Sarah Brightman=) ... wa/main.phtml?blank+Music+S - 38k -, #1 Source for winamp skins + icq skins + hotbar ...
    ... Terra Luna (Earth Moon) winamp skin by Ozq - TerraLuna has a lovely image of
    the Earth and the Moon hanging out together... ... wa/main.phtml?blank+Nature+T - 22k -
    WinFuture Board -> [frage] Luna Winamp Skin
    ... Kennt vielleicht jemand einen guten Winamp skin der mit dem luna theme
    zusammenpasst? hab schon vergebens gesucht. Es wäre auch coll wenn jemand einen ... - 53k -

    ... Luna Element Winamp Skin - WIP Finalのリリースに向けてのWIP versionですね。
    DownloadはBlue-Fighter's page@deviantART VisualStyleのLuna Element v2.0 ... - 36k -

    The Windows XP guide to themes and visual styles
    ... Other well known "skin" formats include WinAmp, Windows Media Player, ...
    it's limited to having the ability to simply create the Luna skin. ... - 1

    skins Winamp Skins free wallpaper free screensavers ICQ Skins ...
    Free winamp icq skins with Wallpaper desktop themes. ... A Windows XP/Luna based
    theme, this time in green color. Just as the image shows it works perfectly ... - 4
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    Thanks 99%, but I don't think you read my post thoroughly.

    And yes, the nick 'SharedHolder' does ring a bell. I've googled him, couldn't find the page. I did, however, find out he is on a board called KLT. I've sent him a personal message and am waiting for reply.

    Thanks for the help... And if someone has more info it will be greatly appreciated

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    Hi, i dont remember you, but you seem like a nice guy.

    welcome back

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    the poopdeck
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