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    I have downloaded the whole game of UT2k3. I converted the BIN files to ISO, and i think i lost some things in the process, because i get an error when instaling, saying some .gif file is missing...or corrupted. On the burned cd, the image name and icon is there, but i cannot open it. However, useing WinISO i can open the image in the BIN you think it was a problem converting, and can be solved by doing it again? Or do i need to burn it as a BIN wich case, how do i (or does anyone have one) make a CUE file.
    Thanks in advance.

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    well, if u want to burn the bin. u need to download the cue. file that corresponds with it. U can try the conversion again first before u try to burn the cd, it could jsut be a small mistake

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    Its hard to download CUE files. I have been trying for a week, but i always get a "need more sources"

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    If you have CDmage, you're able to make CUE files. It has an option for doing so.

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    Do you still have the .iso file you made? Try opening that with WinISO and see if you can access the file you're talking about. I don't have that particular game, but I have converted many .bin's to .iso with WinISO and I've never had any problems. I think it's more likely that your disc is scratched or dirty, or else your CD drive isn't reading right. However, if you want to you could try burning the .bin file with Nero. Just select File - Burn Image, and select 'Show all files'. You don't need the .cue file but you might need to change the block size to 2352 if it gives you an error message.


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