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Thread: Can I make mpeg file sizes smaller?

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    Hello I'm trying to put my videos on my website for a friend, but they all seem to be so large. I go to sites like and their videos are almost 1/10 the size (file size), but the same length. I am currently using divx to compress it. Is there something I'm doing wrong. Is there a way I can make them smaller files while keeping the basic quality?


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    You can use apps like DrDivX and compress to whatever size you want.
    Although alot stuff on the web stuff is done in wmv format also...
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    Moving this to the right section...
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    An Administrator making that mistake, biy what a sshame :-p

    I think the best commpression is with virtual dub using an xvid codec, tried alll the codec, well most, and xvid is the best. :-/
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    Well that would be the best but not as simple as something like DrDivX though...

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    you could try converting them to wmv with windows media encoder
    you can keep the sound quality while lowering resolution or framerate to save space.
    EDIT: the ones that WMEncoder v7.1 makes will play on all PC's, even old ones with wmp6.4
    it works!
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    the best way for compressing films to there least capacity is to real media movie format, however you lose quality severly for this

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    1. What you want to to is convert/encode these MPEG files into, smaller MPEG files, or easier, AVI files.

    2. By reducing the Video and Audio bitrate, you will reduce the size of these video files dramatically. However, while doing this, you are sacrificing quality as well, so be carefull, and toy around with different bitrate combinations until you get the combo that you think is right.

    3. To do this, go to this website which has the virtual dub MPEG2 version, which will allow you to encode the MPEG files. Download, and install the free software.

    4. Read this tutorial on how to convert the MPEG files to small AVI files that will be what you want.

    *Disregard that the tutorial is showing you how to get the best quality, out of your AVI files, this is not what you are looking for. What you are looking for is small size. This tutorial will only show you how to change those.

    *Disregard anything that talks about MPEG files not working, or something, since you have the MPEG2 version of Virtual Dub, you should be fine.

    *I am sorry if this makes no sense. I tried.
    *Members, please feel free to criticize, and add whatever you want.
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    use the xvid codec to make the file smaller, you can download xvid codec form This Web Site , if you have any more questions , just ask.

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    I have adobe premiere pro 1.5. Which is the best format to encode in using that program?
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