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Thread: Now bit-ance offline

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    Seems this has been done voluntarily due to recent events...

    Thanks for being a part of, your data has disapeared and so have we ...
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    first and now bit-ance. what the fu_ks going on any body???

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    Sick goes Offline
    May 25, 2005
    Thomas Mennecke

    It has been a rough day for the BitTorrent community. One of the largest and well respected BitTorrent indexing sites,, met an untimely end earlier this morning. This has sparked a large reaction from the BitTorrent community, as another well known site,, has closed its' doors forever.

    Upon reaching the site, visitors and regulars alike are greeted with the following message:

    "Thanks for being a part of, your data has disappeared and so have we ..." was a large BitTorrent indexing site with over 24,000 registered users. It covered a wide range of content, particularly the type of torrent files the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) cited EliteTorrents for.

    While was not served with any type of copyright violation notice, the escalating atmosphere against the BitTorrent community placed the site's owners and users in peril.

    "As I'm sure you're aware, the current climate throughout the BitTorrent scene, and indeed, P2P in general, is a little volatile," site moderator and lead IRC channel Operator "mosaiegh" told Slyck. "The site's closing (indefinite hiatus) is in the interest of everyone, especially the sites' users."

    mosaiegh stressed the importance of protecting's users, especially considering the FBI/U.S. Customs' implied action on By taking the site off line now and destroying any records, the population's safety is considerably enhanced.

    While many will be dismayed at this news, it was perhaps the best thing the administrators and owners of Bit-ance could have done to ensure the security of their 24,000 person userbase.

    Although the IRC channel will remain open, mosaiegh conveys that will, in all likely circumstance, never return.

    "...the P2P world is so unpredictable and with such a clamp down on sites, the question of: is all this really worth it? And upon weighing the costs (not just financial, of course) and benefits of running a site; the answer is different as to what it used to be."

    Many will miss Bit-ance as not just another BitTorrent indexing site, but as a place and community to call home. Acting as's representative, mosaiegh gave perhaps the final farewell.

    "While we do express our apologies to all effected parties, all actions are taken in the interest of the greater good of its users in an effort to protect their most precious asset: their privacy. And of course, a thank you to them for helping [make] the site what it became, and the many memories it created for so many that will live on..."

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    i dont blame em
    if i was in charge i would run before the SWAT team kicks in my door and drags me out of bed

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    i too am a bit nervous and i'm only a dl

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    So how do they do this? IP addys?

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    well for you to download anything from the internet
    the file downloading to your machine needs an address to be sent to
    hence IP addy

    tools can be used to see who is connecting
    they show & log IPs requesting that cartain file

    just download PeerGuardian
    it will block IPs of the offending companys so u dont connect to them in the first place
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