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Thread: Frustrated!

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    Are there ANY legit games on Kazaa? So far i have got, Dungeon Siege, Unreal 2k3, Splinter Cell, and SOF II...not a single one of them has worked. I got the ones of the hashes, there all the right sizes, i burn them with Nero...they dont work. I try to fix them with CDmage, burn them, they still dont work. What am i doing wrong??? It takes me weeks to get these files, then they dont work!?!?!? I dont get it. I have tried eMule, and I cant even connect to that. Are there any other, better files shareing programs, that i can actually get the REAL files from???? Im on DSL and i still only get 1-2kb/s...if that, and if im lucky, REALY lucky i might get 10kb/s for a few min. But thats pushing it. Does anyone else have these problems? Does anyone have solutions to any of these problems? Or am i SOL?

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    Dude, chill out. You need to ditch all your cd burning rubbish and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Believe it or not it is there. Read the newbie post about Bin files and Iso/Images. Then download Daemon Tools to create virtual drives to mount these bins/iso's and then your sorted....installation commence. And guess what, you can do all of tht without even burning the few calories it takes in finger movements to press the nero.exe. button. Trsut me, youll save your self alot of grief if you stick with these files DOWNLOADED off E-mule. Yes it takes a while, same for all of us, but its dam worth it bro. Now go and get downloading , I command you!.
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    I know, It is VERY annoying. Even for a broadband user like myself (as a verified always takes much longer then a file from the "search list). As a little tip, use daemon tools to test your cd images before putting them on cd. In fact, I never burn my iso's and bin's to cd. Just play them off my hard drive.

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    never had a single problem downloading iso and bins, use Alcohol 120% this is simply the best for making images and also burning them and also it has a vitual drive so they can be tested before burned, 3 in 1 program can read many diffrent formats 2, nero only good for audio and data.

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    i agree emule sux it takes forever to connect and most of the time ur on que 78 its harder if ur on 56k like me coz ur ISP logs u out after 6 hrs then guess what ur out of the que i hate emule just stay with kazaa always get connection and faster always use the varafieds for games too its not kazaas fault it doesnt go if u explained would the problem is we might be able to help u more but like everyone said get Daemon tools and use that to test it

    Good Luck!


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