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Thread: Shat on Chav's Laptops

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    meh, bored, ooh, Father Ted
    The Sexay Half Of ABBA And Max: Freelance Plants

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthInsinuate
    meh, bored, ooh, Father Ted
    nice reminderage there darth, wouldn't have known it was on otherwise

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    You just watched that prog on ladyboy's then....

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    were is the chav?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Money Fist
    were is the chav?
    1. Jesse Chavez
    Overall Champion
    Open Bodybuilding

    Daniela Chavez

    Hugo Chavez won the presidency in December 1998, after campaigning for far-reaching reform, constitutional change, and a crackdown on corruption. Chavez won by a landslide margin that left the two-party system that had previously dominated national politics in ruins. Until the 1998 elections, the Democratic Action (AD) and the Christian Democratic (COPEI) parties dominated the political environment at both the state and federal level. His programs alienated much of the upper and upper-middle class while retaining the enthusiastic support of poorer Venezuelans. His platform called for the creation of a National Constituent Assembly to write a new constitution for Venezuela. Chavez's argument that the existing political system had become isolated from the people won broad acceptance, particularly among Venezuela's poorest classes, who had seen a significant real decline in their living standards over the previous decade and a half. The National Constituent Assembly (ANC), consisting of 131 elected individuals, convened in August 1999 to begin rewriting the Constitution. In free elections, voters gave all but six seats to persons associated with Chavez's movement. Venezuelans approved the ANC's draft in a referendum on 15 December 1999.


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