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Thread: Newbie Requests Advice

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    I paid for the membership for a month on the site that you get when you type in I use the same name so you can check that. I don't see the things on there that I do here.

    Here, I went to the verifieds board, typed in Norton, tried to download something, and got a message saying the protocol was wrong and the page can't be found.

    I am trying to find a tutorial along the lines of "file-sharing for dummies" on here so that I can educate myself about how I can get a program from this site. I tried searching but came up with only advanced (to me, anyway) information.

    Could anyone point me to a post that would help me? If one does not exist, how do I learn how to download something that is posted here such as Norton Antivirus?

    Thanks for your help, and please excuse my lack of ability. I am in my 50s. When I was a teenager, we didn't have calculators much less computers. I keep trying to learn all of this stuff but sometimes I just need to know where to start.


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    First of all, you should never pay for filesharing so no more subscribing ok?

    I suggest you first download a filesharing program emule is good for programs like Norton and such. Also Bit Torrent is very popular although a little more involved.

    Read up on some of the things people have to say in the filesharing section on those clients.

    If you have specific problems when you come to install or set up, then someone will help you.

    Oh..and welcome to the board, we have a wide age range and plenty of people who will help you get started.

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    To begin in fileshaing world - i think the easiest right now (dont flame me people) is Shareaza
    simply install it, follow the intstructions, read the help files,
    allow your firewall to let it thru
    type in under software "norton antivirus"
    double clik on the file that is the most recent & has the biggest size(mb/kb) + that there is a crack attached + stars + users + bandwidth(speed)
    and it should download.

    Youll probably have to crack the program - in the zip or rar file youll generally find a crack/password or .nfo file (for info files open them in notpad and follow the instructions.

    If you dont have an antivirus nor forewall on your pc right now i sincerly advize you to use a free & good one in the meantime
    for free firewall use -
    for free antivirus -

    read thru the forums & youll learn more
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    You poor, sad sad soul.

    Never, Ever Pay for Filesharing.

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    donkeyhead, may I ask how you found us?

    reply to questions can be short or long depending on your knowledge.

    we usually do not flame....

    we sometimes need more info so the thread of topic stays the course.

    what do you seek?

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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    This is great info guys. New as this site anyway.

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    To be perfectly honest, I just need an invite and can't post anything unless I have 10 posts (as you are well aware). I used to be a normal seeder (at least 1:1) on another site and am not really much for posting, however I read these forums quite a bit because I learned a lot and am greatful.

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    better start whoring it up

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    Tell me about it. Love this stuff but I'm not much of a computer wiz.

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