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    I copied C&C Renegade. It installed okay but when I go to play it it says that the CD Rom cannot Be found. What have I done wrong ?

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    U need a No-CD crack....U will need one for practicly every "ripped" game ...go to for a crack B)

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    Even when I ripped it directly from the CD?

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    Yes, even when U rip it directly from the CD. If U really dislike no-cd cracks for some reason, u can use CloneCD to copy the CD, and use a burner that has the 'Amplify weak sectors' feature, that usually gets rid of the need of a no-cd crack...but it's no big deal really

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    I went to the site you said, do I need a game fix or something else?

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    I got a fix but it says that mss32.dll could not be found

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    What U have to do is go to or and get a NO-CD crack, wich is under "game fixes" at megagames...make sure U get a no-cd crack for the version of the game that U have, then U have to extract the crack file (usually a .zip or .rar) and place it's contents in the game directory, usually replacing the original .exe with the downloaded one....(sometimes the crack modifies the original .exe, but that's probably not the case)

    If U did all that and still get an error msg, get another crack, and if that fails, re-install the game

    Hope this helps

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    5 is a very cool site

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    yea no cd cracks rule. i like em you should too.


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