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Thread: Burning Movies..(question)

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    I want to buy a Portable DVD Player. You know, one with a screen. Does anyone know of a way to burn CD's to play on one of these? I have a CD-RW.

    I want to burn a bunch of anime and some movies to watch on those long plane rides. They are mostly all in mpg or avi format. Thanks


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    This would be better in the movieworld section...

    But, the portable DVD player MUST support VCD. If it doesn't, then you can't play it.

    I would recommend getting a laptop and burning the .avi's as DATA (no encoding/conversion needed and can fit more .avi's if one .avi file is lower than the size the disc can hold.) and .mpg's as either DATA or VCD (no further encoding needed, as long as it fits the CD-RW).

    But if you really want to encode, then check out and check out the guides there.

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    Oops, sorry. new to these boards.

    Getting a laptop is an issue for me, as I dont want to spend a fortune... I would use it almost exclusively for this. Also, I can find some portable dvd players for 300 dollars, and I've heard of them going as low as 200.

    And.. I was kind of lost with your explanation. I don't understand encoding.. Sorry. Thanks though

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    Sorry to confuse you

    Hopefully you check out the site but looking at this part of the site should be helpful in a way:

    Search Movieworld discussions about encoding or converting and that should answer some questions.

    Your right though, laptop prices are just crazy. I was assuming that you had a laptop so.. yea

    But if you have more questions about this, feel free to ask. B)


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