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Thread: Ripping multiple tracks as one long mp3....

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    I want to transfer an album onto my mp3 player....

    Problem with it is that there's no gap between 4 or 5 of the songs. When encoding the tracks and then playing back, there's always a small pause between each track, which is annoying

    I'm using AudioGrabber to do the ripping (don't rip that much to be honest) and can't see a way in there to rip multiple tracks as a single mp3.

    Any ideas of a program that can rip & merge or even a program to just merge mp3 files will do....


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    i believe Audacity will do the trick

    i know, cos i just got it to split one long mp3 into tracks for my mp3 player!

    oh the irony!
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    I use MP3 TrackMaker to join any if I need to.


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