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Thread: Strut Your Photoshop Stuff!

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    hey, i'm a noob to photoshop, and i wanted to see what the people at the klboard could come up with... this is a crappy image i made.

    its a picture of the lead singer from evanescence (amy lee)

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    COME ON? doesn't anyone re-mix other pics?

    here's another one i made in a few minutes (i think its better)

    tell me what you think!!!

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    actually, thats pretty cool....I never seem to get time to do anything like that, the best i came up with was using the clone brush to make my dog lie next to herself, if u get what i mean
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    i&#39;m new enough to photoshop, but a friend of mine is a master when it comes to graphics and web design, so he&#39;s been teaching me.

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    alright... i&#39;m pretty bored here... if anyone wants, i can try to make cool effects on your pictures... just tell me where to find (make sure its tasteful) and i&#39;ll see what i can do&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    Paint Shop Pro 7. basically a few filters and some other stuff too.


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    ok thats really annoying. fuck it.

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    Z... you should post warnings before having that sig. You may induce some form of epileptic fit on someone&#33;

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    ok they show if u go to the site by clicking on properties and copying and then coming back. should i add a link?

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    i made this a few hours ago... i took the pic and all... the quality is much toned down from the real one (over 1 meg&#33


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