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Thread: Ok - Really Need Help !

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    I have a problem and I don't know what do to try to fix it.

    I have Media Player and Nero on my comp and each time I try to burn music CD everything runs fine untill about 4% of the burning process is complete and then it just sit there.

    I have turned off all other programs, but sometimes it throws me a curve ball and actually works, but only every now and then!!

    I'm sick of wasting CD's.

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    We need more info, here's you questionaire... B)

    1. What is the brand and speed of your CD-R drive?

    2. What brand and speed blank CD's are you using?

    3. What speed are you trying to burn at?

    4. You say you've closed everything, what about screen saver and virus scanner?

    5. Have you tried rebooting before you burn?

    6. How much RAM do you have?

    7. Have you defragged lately?

    8. Have you ever optimized your Virtual Memory settings?

    9. Do you also happen to have Easy CD Creator installed? (they don't work well together)

    10. What does Media Player have to do with it? (that should be closed, too)


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