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Thread: Good search engines

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    Are there any good search engines that search all the binary groups? I tried but that pretty much sucked. Is it worth paying for "GrabIt Search"?

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    cow_dung's Avatar 2010 Killua
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    anymore? thanx reality!

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    I use:

    You need to sign up but it's the best imo.

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    I've only used newsgroups a few times years ago, can anyone point me in the right direction to learn what I need to know and where to go for them?

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    Wow.. that binsearch is awesome!! I just use

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    1,824 is great jem I just found

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchspl3 is great jem I just found
    Yeah, that site is fantastic, as long as you don't get blocked out by their user limiter. They cap the online users at 800 or something.


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